How its all Done

These are some of the elements of my 2012 show that I am currently working on at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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Development Lab

  • Mega

  • Icicle

  • RGB

  • RGB

  • Tune
  • ACL

  • 5050
  • F.A.S.T

Mega Tree

2013 has seen the design and construction of my new megatree. approx 4 mtrs tall it consists of 32 strands of 42 x 2811 Pixel Nodes.

For the pole I have used 40mm square Gal tube, This sits in a 600mm length of 50 x 50 Gal tube permenantly sunk into the lawn.

The Head unit is made up of 40 x 3mm flat bar rolled into a circle and braced with 20 mm square tube. This all sits off a pice of 50 x 50 square tube which slides over the pole. I have drilled 32 x 4mm holes around the bar for the strings to hang off.

The Base Ring is also made up from rolled 40 x 3mm flat bar. This is braced with 25mm Square tube

The strands are made from 25mm Poly Webbing, punched every 85mm with a 12mm eyelet, this allows the Pixel node to clip straight in. Ive used 25mm D rings sewn into each end for support.

The above tree only has 1/2 the strands on, this was put up to measure for the control Box mounts.

LED Icicles (Big W Strings)

These strings were used in my previous static displays and were controlled by the 8 way controllers that came with the strings. Pretty boring as they just flashed and dimmed through a set sequence. Now I've cut them up into sections to match the 3 front sections of my guttering, this way I can individually control each section as well as each colour.

Below is the standard BigW string.

BigW String

and here is the string, cut and mounted onto conduit ready to hang.

Icicle String

RGB Leaping Arches

2013 Update

In line with my 2013 major upgrade I have now updated my Arches to 2811 Pixel Strips which will give me much greater variation for sequencing. The basic construction is similar however as they are 1 continuous strip theres no need for cabling along the run, just one plug each end. This year I am only running with 2 arches with plans to increase to 4 next year

I have constructed 3 arches which I intend to use in the 2012 display, each arch consists of 7 segments of RGB LED's which will allow the use of pretty much any colour I like as well as being able to sequence some nice Leaps and chases.



I have used 25mm Electrical conduit as the base, each segment is mounted and the cabling ran through a small hole out to the bottom of the arch. This way I can have all the connections located at the one place which will allow for easier placement of the controller box.

RGB Poles

2013 Update

These have also been upgraded to 2811 Pixel Strips. which now gives me effectively 15 segments per pole to sequence with.

These poles are 1500mm long and contain 5 segments of RGB 5050 LED Strip. I haven't decided on there exact use as yet for the 2012 display, They will either be corner posts or maybe even VU Meters. The below picture shows one of the tubes attached to a 27Ch controller for testing.

RGB Tubes

Tune To Sign

Tune To Sign

As I'll be synchronizing the display to music and intend on having the display running each night leading up to Christmas, I need to plan how I intend everyone to be able to hear the audio side of the show. The best way to do this and to also keep in the good books with the neighbours is to broadcast the show over the FM band, this way people can listen on there car radios while they watch the show.

To let people know what frequency to tune into I have made up this tune to sign which will be stand alone from the show itself.

I've just used an old Solar light I had (110 Leds) and mounted the led's onto some Corflute and slid that into a short translucent tube. This way the sign will be self powered so I just need to set and forget :)

Tune To Sign

Tune To inside

ACL Strobes

Finished Strobe

These strobe kits run off 5 Vdc and will be mounted in amongst my Icicle lights to be used as a sort of twinkle effect.

These kits were my first foray into the world of SMD soldering or surface mounted soldering. I've wired them up into strings of 10 strobes. Water proofing consists of some hot melt glue at each end and then some Clear heat shrink over the lot.

Strobe 2Strobe 3

5050 RGB Strips

These are 12 Vdc RGB Strips which are going to be used as wall washers, basically they will be mounted above, below or beside sections of the front walls so that I can generate some colour effects across the whole wall.

5050 Strip

F.A.S.T Snowfall Tubes

These tubes are really cool. Basically they are a strip of 28 LED's running off 5 Vdc and controlled by a PIC (programmable IC). These will be mounted into some Clear PVC Tubing for weather protection and then hung from the guttering, they are used to simulate snow falling.

FAST Tubes